How to Rank a video on YouTube in 2019

Today we are going to show you some basic elements to Rank a video on YouTube .

The first element and one of the most important is the quality of the video. It is essential that it has the following characteristics:

  • Content is relevant and interesting to your target audience.
  • High quality video , preferably 1920 x 1080px.
  • That the audio quality  , so that the viewers can understand everything that is being transmitted to them.

Take advantage of keywords on YouTube

Before uploading a video it is advisable to change the name of the file so that it contains the keyword with which you want to position. Ideally when you export / save in your editing program, it is to optimize the meta-labels and information options as a description . Use the keywords and take advantage of all the details in the optimization of your videos.

When you have everything ready, it’s time to upload the video. In the upper right corner we can see an arrow that will let us upload the video. Just drag the file from the video itself to it and start uploading it. While our video is being uploaded, we can make a basic configuration such as the type of video we want (public, private, hidden or programmed), the title and other options .

The importance of a good optimized title

You will be able to place the title of the video, the description and the labels.

It is important that these three elements contain your keyword, synonyms or variables of it , since everything that goes into text on YouTube will help search engines understand better the content of your video, it can be indexed more adequately and You can achieve better positioning .

The difference between public, hidden, private is as follows:

  • Public mode : The video will be visible to everyone.
  • Private mode : The video can only be seen by the users that you choose by email. You will not be able to find the video neither from the search engine nor will it appear on your channel.
  • Hidden mode : The video can be viewed whenever you have the address of it. It will not appear on your channel or search results either.

The main difference of the hidden mode with the private mode is that having the URL of it, you can visualize it. You do not need express permission to see it, as you need it in private videos.

The thumbnails

As a video thumbnail, YouTube will give you a choice and you can define which one you want to place. It is important that it be striking to attract the public.

Final screens, or how to make a user keep watching your content

Within the video configuration options, we can see a tab called Final screen and annotations . Here we must focus on the sub-tab of the final screen.

What are the final screens for?

They serve to direct users to other videos , playlists or even other YouTube channels. It is advisable that we link with related content about what the video has been about, to make the user keep watching our content . We can even link to the channel subscription.

At the time of doing some promotion of an article or a company, we can link to those products or companies in the final screens. In some sponsored videos it is obligatory to put it.

The importance of subtitles

The importance of subtitles is that search engines do not understand the contents of a video on their own , so the text you place helps them make sense. Through the transcriptions you will achieve that YouTube indexes the content that you wrote in the video inside the transcript, including the keywords contained in it and you will give a boost to the positioning of your video in the search engine.

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