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Web Designing Company In Kasaragod

Do you want your website to stand out from your competition? Do you want FolksDev to build trust with users and maximize your goals? Are you looking to boost the number of conversions? Then you are at right place. We are the best Web Designign Company in Kasaragod.

Website is the key to achieving all these objectives, since a quality Website provides more credibility. At FolksDev we have our own team specialized in the development of 100% customized websites or projects based on CMS Platforms, such as WordPress.

Why a Website for A Company in Kasaragod

Internet could be a strategic element for your company that you may be missing out on. Even if you have a potential market of few clients: those few that you have not yet captured, will eventually search your website to decide whether or not you. So in this world of internet, your company must need a website to influence your credibility to your clients. Not only this, but a optimize website can drive you new clients.

Our Process of Web Designing

1. Strategic proposal

Once the information is collected through meetings with the client and briefings, we carry out a research and bench-marking study in order to make the best strategic proposal.

2. Web design phase

Applying the client’s feedback with respect to the proposal, we create an internal document that will be the basis for Art Direction to make the graphic proposals adjusted to the client’s requirements and, above all, to the needs of the users and the search for results.

3. Front development

Once the design is approved, our front development team enters phase which will be in charge of:

  • HTML and CSS programming (Responsive Design)
  • Static SEO implementation
  • Multiplatform usability test.
  • Client programming (javascript, jquery …)

4. Development back

Next, the server programming tasks will be carried out :

  • Modeling database.
  • Server environment programming.
  • Dynamic SEO implementation.

5. Content loading and delivery

Once the programming is finished, the texts and images are loaded and the content for SEO is optimized. When the client has reviewed and approved the project, we proceed to its publication.

The web is delivered with an own and adaptable content manager to manage the web.

Our Services

Online stores

We create and design quality online stores with a custom development with our own code, WooComerce or Prestashop from which you can manage content and orders easily and simply.

Company Websites

To showcase your portfolio and present your business and services to the world through internet, we make company website to influence the market.

News Website or Blog

Apart from developing 100% custom projects, we carry out web projects based on CMS platforms, especially with WordPress. We make news websites and blogs with an architecture totally adapted to the needs of your project and easily manageable.

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