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Tech and Gadgets

In this stage of innovation and Technology, this category has a vast audience. Yet too many bloggers on this category, you can overcome to gain audience by your knowledge and expertization. 

Educational Blogs

If you love to share your knowledge who are studying, then you can choose educational blog. For this you can gain a massive audience if you provide good materials to help study.

Expert blogger Based on your Knowledge

If you are expert in any field that can bring audience to your content, then its your category of blogging. Choose niche in which you have a bunch  of knowledge

What Our Blogging Partners say

I've managed to spend 1 hour a day, for over 6 months now, and I made a strong audience base and Monthly income. My audience helped me to grow.

Nihal N, Pathanamthitta

I have joined Viralsindia before 3 month and now am expert in Blogging and managing WordPress. Now am looking for creating a independent Website.

Shuhaib SM, Kannur

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Who Can Join ?

Anyone who interested in writing blogs and earning income can join this program. But to earn money, you should have audience that who will read your blogs.

How much i can earn ?

Its normally depends on your audience. The major factor is number of visitors you have. On an average 1000 visitors can earn $5. 

How much Audience is required

You should have minimum 500 audience daily. If you have a Facebook page, YouTube channel which is not monetized or a plenty of groups that hears you.

How can i join ?

Just fill the application form below. You will be contacted by admin.

When will i Get payment

This platform earns money through the blog. We get pay out of current month at the end of next month. So your this current month payment will be transferred in last week of next month. 

Payment Mode ?

Main mode of Payout will be through bank account. Also can be done using Google pay.

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