Ideas to improve Search Ranking in Google 2019

Ideas to improve Search Ranking in Google 2019

In this post you will find 11 practices that you must implement to improve web positioning in google. Among them you will learn how to do:

  • Structure of your website
  • Title and subtitles
  • SEO, Keyword
  • Content and its formats
  • Links and call to action
  • Social networks
  • Web and responsive design
  • Speed, optimization and maintenance

In the highly competitive business environment, they are interested in improving online visibility. Therefore, reaching your target audience online with your central message, products and services or the latest promotions is paramount.

These days, competing with the SEO rankings of other organizations can be a challenge. It is almost impossible without the help of searching and optimizing the Keyword.

Therefore, if you want to take your website to the first page of Google. Even so, do not be updated on the latest optimization tricks of the web. Do not worry! keep reading…

11 tips that you must implement to improve the Google Ranking

  1. Structure of your website

The bad structure of the web and the architecture of information can end with the best SEO campaigns. You must also turn off add-ons that are not in use and avoid using pop-up windows that can cover your content. Includes ads

  • Use unique titles in published content

Create unique and eye-catching titles. They have to be brief and descriptive, that is natural and descriptive instead of a series of Keyword.

  • SEO

With SEO you can get good rankings and appear on the Google home page, receive 90% of all web traffic, while other pages receive 10% or even less. That is why you really need your organization to be located as high as possible.

With the Yoast SEO tool, fast, free and easy to use tool. You can enter the main Keyword for your blog post and it will suggest how to modify your publication to optimize it for search engines.

The SEO Web Page Analyzer tool offers a complete analysis of the web to discover problems. These can be: Alt tags for missing images, header structure errors, and increased pages.

  • Keyword

One of the most tangible methods to improve your SEO strategy is to do a thorough investigation of your Keyword and those of your competitors.

The Google Analytics tool also reveals many ideas of Keyword in terms of what terms people use to access your website. To use it you just have to enter a Keyword and it gives you a lot of Keyword Long Tail opportunities and common questions.

The Google Trends tool also shows popular search terms over time. What is useful to discover seasonal variations.

  • Content

The content should respond to queries that begin with how, what, why, what it does, what, should and why, summarizing this in several sentences within your content. Stop deviating from your core themes and create original content that is relevant to your readers.

The search engine will give priority to websites that really provide meaningful information to visitors for it. If you know their problems, challenges and values, you can produce unique, relevant and valuable content.

  • Replace some content with videos

The videos represent 80% of the traffic and are highly sharable and deliver content in a more interactive format that gives users the opportunity to consume comfortable and different information. It also keeps people involved for longer.

Creating a high quality video that is entertaining, attractive and valuable is key to keeping people involved, threatening actions and fostering relationships with prospects.

  • Links

The internal and external links continue to have a great influence on the classification of the website. Make a comprehensive analysis of links that you can include in your content and convert the mentions in links with Keyword and phrases. This should help determine related topics and queries for content opportunities.

  • Call to action or call to action

Are your visitors moving around without end to access the services or products you offer? If so, it is better to think about what users want to do and when they land, consider post-click activity, share and link. They should be able to perform those basic tasks without problems and without difficulties

  • Social networks

The high capacity to share is not only an excellent way to gain exposure, but it is also a high indicator that users see your content and want to share it, which is an easy method to get more web traffic.

  • Responsive design

Nearly 60% of all global search traffic is derived from mobile devices. As more and more people access the internet with mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, it is imperative to make sure you provide these users with a pleasant web experience. Make sure they can navigate effortlessly.

  • Speed, optimization and maintenance

The rankings of search engines on the web change according to three things. First, the optimization. The second component is to improve the positioning in relation to your competition. Finally, the ranking depends on the intention of the search engine.

  • Optimization

Optimize speed on the web, is the continuous improvement that is the ultimate goal. Use the Google Pagespeed tool to compare performance. With this tool you can get a complete analysis on your website. There you enter an Url, where you will test the loading time and performance for desktop computers and for mobile devices.

  • Speed

Charging time is a very important factor in mobile devices, particularly because most connections on mobile devices tend to be slower than those on PCs. Only a delay of 2 seconds in the loading time can generate up to 11% fewer visits.

If you can find ways to optimize your website to make it more relevant to the evolutionary mind of the seeker, it will inevitably rise in the ranks.

Next year there will be major changes to improve positioning , so keep learning, updating and revising to stay one step ahead. The ability, the budget, the level of competence and how your website compares with the competition, can play a very important role.

Apply the strategies that we have shared in Se-digital with you in this post, to improve web positioning. Would you add another one to the list? Tell us your opinion and remember to share this article.

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