How does marketing work?

How does marketing work?

Have you ever wondered how does marketing work?

Marketing is the application of different commercial marketing techniques in order to persuade or convince the person to adopt a behavior in favor of society and for their own benefit. That is why it can be observed that there are public and private sector companies participating jointly in social programs in search of the well-being of the community or society.

Viral marketing, as its name indicates, applies marketing techniques to explore different social networks and in this way, produce the widest dissemination of the product or service, as well as their recognition. Also, viral marketing can be carried out by different means of transmission such as: word of mouth, emails, messenger programs, among others.

The term viral marketing seeks to get people to share fun and interesting content. This technique is often sponsored by a brand, which seeks to build knowledge of a product or services and uses various tools such as: video clips, interactive Flash games, images, among others.

How does Marketing work?

Relationship marketing

It is an interactive system that uses one or more means to provoke a response from its audience, the main objective being their loyalty. Most companies use information technologies to gain customer loyalty, the most widely used strategy being CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Direct marketing

They are the different direct connections with consumers in order to obtain an immediate response or action. Among the techniques most used by companies to increase direct marketing strategies are: email, telemarketing, direct sales, direct advertising, SMS marketing, etc.

Guerrilla marketing

It is a set of low-cost and unconventional marketing strategies and techniques that are used in order to achieve the objective. Guerrilla marketing is generally used by small companies, through means such as: posters, web pages, actors, groups of people, emails without leaving aside ingenuity and creativity in the message that you want to convey to the public.

The term guerrilla was created by Jay Conrad Levinson and popularized in 1984.

How does marketing work within a company, public or private?

It can be said that the main function of marketing departments within companies; lies in the management and coordination of all sales strategies. They also make a profit by satisfying the needs and requirements of customers.

In turn, they will aim to locate, find and achieve a positive positioning for the company in the market, this will help to increase sales and income significantly.

Despite the function they fulfill, it is not an independent department in the company. To achieve your goals, you must work together with different teams and departments to achieve strength and balance inside and outside the company.

Importance of marketing in sales

The relationship between marketing and sales must be established effectively; A good marketing plan cannot increase sales or achieve effective strategies on its own. Every entrepreneur and businessman must be clear about this relationship, if he wants a prosperous and stable business.

When the sales department works hand in hand with the marketing department, they can improve both sectors since their meetings will consist of accurate information, thanks to the exchange of information that will take place. This will help establish assertive strategies that generate impact on customers.

In addition, customer service will improve, and they will be comfortable with the brand. Thanks to the good treatment of customers, customer loyalty can be achieved with the brand.

How marketing works in companies is important to increase sales. Develop the relationship and attention to customers; In addition, the strategies to have more visualization content and achieve a better position in the market will depend on the performance of the marketing department.

Marketing allows to improve the relationship with customers, increase sales and income of the company. It also makes the information acquired from the different areas of the company used effectively to balance action plans for new strategies.

Make sure you have the best marketing team, since this well-worked department generates many benefits for customers, sales and the company in different areas.

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