Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing

Do you already know what Experiential Marketing is? Here we will teach you a little more about this incredible world of marketing.

As you already know in these times the discipline of marketing is located in the client, the satisfaction of any company is to directly impact its client. A good relationship with the client is essential to generate an experience that relates the brand and the user through emotions.

The basis of experiential marketing is to simply dedicate yourself to transmitting the message to users is to stay on the surface of marketing . Businesses need to go further, oh otherwise they won’t get the customer. For this reason, brands seek to connect with customers and try to offer them a good experience, using emotions and feelings as the fundamental basis of communication.

What is experiential marketing?

To fully understand what exactly experiential marketing, also known as emotional marketing, consists of, it is necessary to start from traditional marketing itself. A way of communicating and selling that has always been based on the product itself. Of which aspects such as its quality, the benefits for the users or the differentiating characteristics have been highlighted.

However, experiential marketing puts the customer at the center and the focus is on the experiences they can acquire with the brand during the sales process, or in the process of using the product that is being shown to them.

It can be understood that when a client chooses a product or service thanks to experiential marketing, the choice is marked by the experiences that can be achieved through its use and not so much by the benefits of the product itself.

Therefore, experiential marketing is an advertising strategy that focuses on stimulating the senses of the consumer, thus causing some kind of emotion and giving them a unique experience that can only be achieved with a specific company. The interesting thing is that this experience can be given both before and during or after buying the product.

Offer unique experiences

In a market so focused and saturated with products and services whose sole objective is sales based on their qualities, experiential marketing plays a fundamental role and can be what makes the difference. In fact, this type of marketing makes marketers of different brands see the great importance of opting for a focus on human value and helps them not to focus their strategies only on numbers and sales.

Also, today, users are more attracted to companies that do not just offer them a product. Users will always be more attracted to those companies that offer them personalized treatment, dynamic and human attention and, above all, to those brands that can offer them a unique life experience.

So what experiential marketing teaches and remembers is that marketing should always be directed and people-centered at the end of the day. And although it seems logical and obvious, many brands forget this detail and treat users as numbers of an increasingly homogeneous audience.

How to apply experiential marketing to your company?

Experiential marketing is a type of personalized communication that generates a great emotional commitment and a much higher degree of “engagement” from users. Therefore, it is important that more and more companies choose to apply it in their digital marketing strategies. Something that is not easy. Creating an experience is not a one-size-fits-all path. It depends on the feedback from the users.

Experiential marketing is undoubtedly a discipline that will help you improve your relationship with your customers. And with which you will achieve an exponential level of engagement between the company and the clients to whom you share experiences that trigger emotions. The connection is so direct and close that if you manage to reach the heart of the client, you will undoubtedly achieve a much higher loyalty than with other disciplines of digital marketing.

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